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Yulia Yellow, The Ready to Move Newcomer Julia Perez

Written By Rison Sarundaek on Sunday, January 22, 2012 | 12:15 AM

His real name is Princess Yulia Sari, but he is better known as the Yellow Yulia. This beautiful woman tried to explain about the word "Yellow" that attaches to his name for about 7 years.

"That's because all the equipment I wrote in high school, all yellow. So from there I was named Yulia Yellow, until now. Actually I myself do not really like the color yellow, "he said. Padang Women born July 22, 1989 this does not justify that he is the son of a pampered darling of her family, according to latest child although he was an independent child.

Yulia prove that for now he was living apart from his mother. Final semester student at a private college was very keen to plunge himself in the legal world, because he admitted that in the field pidanalah adrenaline really encouraged. "According to the criminal field I was more active when compared to other areas of law, because the portion to involved in a larger field.

And for me it's very challenging, "said the woman who has a height 167 cm and weight 48 kg is passionate. Asked about the seriousness in the world of modeling, Yulia argues that the modeling world is like other entertainment worlds whose age was not long, so he did not dream that modeling would be a profession at a later date.

Yulia chose the law as a means to enhance social status in society. Regarding sex, it turns out Yulia does not have fantasies of all sorts. But, there is another story that is guaranteed to make readers excited. Latest details on the January 2012 edition

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